Do you need internationally transport services?

Our company welcomes you with very good offers of intern and internationally transport. Specifically, we transport the freight on pallets, standers or in containers, no matter the destination. We have own fleet, consisting in minibuses, vans and modern trucks, equipped with all what is necessary for a safe travel. The carriage made by us is fast, because each car is driven by two drivers.

Our staff has basic language or advanced, so it can communicate in at least one international language.

This thing makes easier the orientation in a foreign country, but also helps to provide important information about the road and short road to final destination. We are informed about every truck route while are on the road to the destination, and also, every car has GPS system. More than that, information about transport is archived every week.


We operate internationally routes every week from and to countries like: Great Britain, Germany, France, Suisse, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. Our vast experience and reliable staff help us to accomplish all the collaborations, whatever the complexity of it or of the unexpected obstacles. In addition, we are in a continuous process of development, so, our goal is to keep the quality standards and to come with the best solutions for our clients.


We keep an open relation during the partnership and make possible that all clients have access to information. So, our controller is available non-stop and waits your questions. At last, we want to be your first option, reason for what we wait you with the best prices, personalized for every service.

We perform internal and international transport of merchandise pallets, merchandise standers, or in containers.

Luna B & R Ltd Trade Company is a company specialized in freight transport, intern and international.

We provide a wide range of general and special transport, in excellent condition.

Advantages we offer:
  • minimal costs;
  • assurance-CMR goods insurance;
  • GPS monitoring throughout transport;
  • Call Center assistance 24h/7 for our customers.

We offer weekly international cargo transport from and to: France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary si Romania.

We guarantee that your goods will arrive at the destination in a range of 36h-48 h from the time of loading.

We have our own fleet that includes buses, vans and trucks.

The car park is insulated with moulded air-conditioning systems that can maintain a controlled temperature when transporting perishable products: food, agricultural products-plants and flowers, electronics and medicines. We also transport textiles goods on standers and general goods on pallets.

Having experience in the field for over a decade, we are heavily involved in everything we do, we find solutions even in the most difficult situations; we honour our commitments, always looking for new ways to improve the services offered.

Fast transport is ensured by the fact that the entire fleet is accompanied at all times by two drivers, knowers of at least one international language. The transport is constantly monitored using GPS devices mounted on each truck and the details about the routes and itinerary of each shipment are weekly saved in the archive.

Our call centre is at your disposal, 24 hours a day for details and information.

We offer a fair and profitable partnership; we want to be your first choice when you need to have a fast and secure transport of your goods.

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