Luna Transport provide customized logistic services to our partners, from simple coordination and handling of goods to storage.

It is a service whereby complete, in terms of logistics, customer support we offer, we will now be able complete outsourcing both transportation costs and storage.

Why us?
  • Financial resources saved by reducing logistics costs;
  • Comprehensive reports (inputs, outputs, number of pallets stored, stocks).

Deposits: We offer storage at our headquarters. We have large areas of both ambient and refrigerated storage.

You can choose from a variety of logistics services:

  • warehouse delivery on request, to any destination;
  • permanent availability in the storage and shipment of goods;
  • issuing documents accompanying behalf of clients;
  • control over operations carried out in the warehouse (inputs / outputs);
  • cargo insurance;
  • manipulation;
  • expedition;
  • inventory management and administration;
  • inventory reports.

Luna Transport is the solution for effective control over the storage of goods because it provides comprehensive logistics services, from simple coordination and handling of goods to the storage, management and administration of stocks, all to reduce logistics costs.