The refrigerated transport is a sort of transport equipped with the latest climate auto-control system, therefore, the temperature is adapted to the wares.

These climate auto-control systems keep the products or the perishable aliments to optimal temperatures, so in this way they will arrive fresh to the destination. This kind of transport is ideal for a various range of food stuffs, plants, flowers, drugs and others goods which need special temperatures.

Modern cooling system is designed to operate independently, even when the vehicle is not moving. So, the temperature remains constant during the road to not affect the products. The refrigerated vans are the only modality through the flowers and plants can be transported without withering and without losing the freshness. With an auto park completely equipped, our company offers flexible refrigerated transport solutions, adapted to client requirements.

Why to ask refrigerated transport services from a specialized company?

Because of money, a lot of persons choose to collaborate with transport companies which not have adequate transport vehicles. Of course, sometimes, the ware can be transported with the help of utility isolated, without a cooling system. Also, there are situations when the optimal temperature can be kept with the help of some ice packs. But, all these represents improved measures of cooling products, and for long distances, they are completely ineffective.

Therefore, if you need refrigerated transport intern or extern, we are at your disposal with a specialized staff, modern completely equipped car, but also with many advantages of costs. So, take contact with our agents, and they will offer any other information. We are waiting for you!