International freight transport

We offer weekly international cargo transport from and to: France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania. We guarantee that your goods will arrive at the destination in a range of 36h-48 h from the time of loading.

International transport of flowers

Each truck has two drivers, in order to ensure prompt delivery of flowers. Our activity is based on the logistic experience, on people who are dedicated and passionate about what they are doing, everything to ensure a fast and qualitatively transport till the destination. We have a constant concern for us to operate at the highest level and get involved in what we are doing, trying to help the evolution of your business.

Logistic warehouse

Luna Transport provide customized logistic services to our partners, from simple coordination and handling of goods to storage.

It is a service that completely out logistically support we offer customers, we will now be able complete outsourcing both transportation costs and storage.


Company specializing in road transport of goods both in Romania and in international freight transport throughout Europe. Both the carrier and the shipper will provide the best satisfaction of your requirements, needs and customer demands is our priority.

Refrigerated transport.

The refrigerated transport is a sort of transport equipped with the latest climate auto-control system, therefore, the temperature is adapted to the wares. These climate auto-control systems keep the products or the perishable aliments to optimal temperatures, so in this way they will arrive fresh to the destination.